A New Way of Being Brother – Br. David Gibson

The world is changing

and we are being called to change-
to open our minds and hearts
to an unfolding reality
that calls for new ways to respond
to life, mystery and new consciousness.

We are witnessing a new heaven
and a new earth
that calls for personal and communal transformation.

Many people are seeking a spirituality that quenches their thirsting hearts,

and provides them with a vision of life that is meaningful and life-changing.


Religious Life  also seeks a new way, a way for a new Brother.

The founding vision of the various Brotherhoods was radical, dynamic, creative and transformative.  We are invited  to connect with that early inspiration, and seek new ways of  incarnating the founding intention in a world that is seeking new meaning to the challenges of life.

A New Way of being Brother seeks to chart that journey for those who are on the spiritual search for a God who calls to them . Sometimes journeys can appear daunting as we set out. The road may seem long and arduous.  If, however, we vividly imagine our dream for the future, ardently desire it and enthusiastically act upon it our dream will surely come about.

 And often it is helpful to remember

that it is the journey
and not just the destination
that can transform our lives

and bring about our dream.


This book by Br. David Gibson is available from Amazon Books.  Br. David has over fifty years experience of religious life and has served in leadership roles in Ireland and worldwide. He is currently working in Africa. He is the author of a number of books on religious life . Recently we featured another of his books …..Don’t Talk to the Wall.