400 Years of Irish Capuchin Life

Free Commemorative Conference to mark 400 years of Irish Capuchin Life
As part of the year long celebration of 400 years of Capuchin Franciscan Service in Ireland a free conference on different aspects of the contribution of the Irish Capuchins to the history and culture of Ireland will take place in imageChurch St. Friary on Saturday, February 27th, from 10:30am – 5:30 pm.

The Conference will include talks on the central role the friars played in the 1916 Rising, War of Independence and the Celtic Cultural Revival, as well as fascinating glances into the life of the friars during the earlier years of the Capuchin presence and mission to Ireland at the height of the penal persecution and our modern day ministries.

All are welcome to attend!




Topics and Speakers will include:

  • Friar Nugent and the Franciscans: a not so friendly rivalry.
    Fr. Mícheál Mac Craith OFM (Collegio San Isidoro, Rome / formerly of the Department of Irish, NUIG.
  • Fr. Nicholas Archbold OSFC and the early Irish Capuchins in Dublin. Dr John McCafferty (UCD)
  • Fr. Columbus Murphy OSFC and his personal narrative on the 1916 Rising.
    Dr Conor Mulvagh (UCD)
  • imageThe Exile, Death, and Repatriation of Fr. Dominic O’Connor OFM Cap., 1922-1958
    Dr John Borgonovo (UCC)
  • Where and what is Ireland?’ – Fr Senan Moynihan OFM Cap. and the Capuchin Annual, 1930-54.
    Sonya Perkins (Chief Executive, Irish Arts Review)
  • The Illustrations by Richard King for ‘The Capuchin Annual’.
    Ruth Sheehy (TCD)
  • A history of Irish Capuchin missionary endeavours in Africa.
    Fr. Kieran Shorten OFM Cap.(Capuchin Friary, Dublin)