“Out of the Mouths…”

imageIn November 2015 Pope Francis addressed the people in the Kangemi Slum in Nairobi and those who live in solidarity with them. In scenes reminiscent of the crowds that flocked to listen to Jesus, they gathered in huge numbers to hear his message and to experience his love. Pope Francis didn’t disappoint. Among other things, he spoke of:

“the wisdom found in poor neighbourhoods, a wisdom which is born of the ‘stubborn resistance’ of that which is authentic, of Gospel values which an opulent society … would seem to have forgotten.”

Reflecting on the wisdom of the people here in Cherry Orchard and how it is preached, I’m reminded of St Francis of Assisi who is quoted as saying that we “should preach the gospel at all times and, when necessary, use words.” The people of Cherry Orchard have shared their wisdom with me both in deeds and in words!

- Paul Hendrick

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