The ERN Justice Club Zambia

The Edmund Rice Network club at St. Raphael’s Secondary School is committed to engaging in works of justice in order to fight for the rights and freedoms of all people. In term one we ran three different campaigns aimed at getting our students involved in works of advocacy and charity work. The first was a workshop conducted on the 19th February called ‘’YOUR DREAM SCHOOL’’. The purpose of the workshop was to get students to start dreaming about their dream school, where students and communities had access to their full rights. Students did most of the sharing in their respective groups to bring out their views of their dream school.

ERSNA 3_2016

This workshop highlighted to students why fighting for human rights is so important. Students discussed how they could contribute to making this dream school a reality. The facilitators of the workshop were the school’s deputy head teacher Mr. Haakayobe, Mr. Imasiku and Brother Bwalya. The second activity was held on the 12th of March, and involved giving students the opportunity to engage in charity work. As a group, the students visited St Joseph’s Hospice and offered their time in doing general cleaning at the Hospice. This event took place in commemoration of the week of prayer for the sick. The last activity for our term was a workshop that was held on the 18th March under the title ‘’CARE FOR THE EARTH’’. Outside professionals were invited to come and give a talk to the group, along with the teachers mentioned above. The guests invited to this event were from the Zambia Environment Management Agency and from Green Pop, a non-governmental organisation.

- Written by Imasiku Yusiku (Club Patron) and
 Br. Bwalya Mubanga (ERN Zambia Coordinator)

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