Timirí Éamainn Rís Family Day 2016

Timirí Éamainn Rís will hold its second annual Family Day in Westcourt, Callan, Co. Kilkenny on Saturday 21st May from 2.00 to 6.00 pm. The theme of this year’s event is “The Feminine in Edmund’s Life”. The liturgy of the day will be based around 8 stations – each one representing the influence of a significant female on the life of Edmund Rice. The women represented will be his mother, Margaret Tierney; his wife Mary Elliot and his daughter Mary; his step-sister, Joan and Mary Power; Mary the Mother of Jesus, Teresa of Avila and Nano Nagle.

Edmund Rice House (2)

The eight stations will be situated around the grounds of Westcourt and at each station there will be a short explanation of the influence of the significant female, represented by the station, on the life of Blessed Edmund. At each station there will be a reflection and some music. The themes that will be reflected on are: motherhood, intimacy, vulnerability, service, spirituality, inspiration, wisdom, challenge and vision.

The day will begin with a welcome and cuppa at 2.00 pm. From 2.30 -3.30 pm there will be a visit to Edmund Rice’s birthplace and the Edmund Rice Icon. At 3.30 pm we will assemble for the stations. The first station will be situated at Edmund’s homestead and from there we will make our way around the grounds to visit the other stations. This will take about 1 hour. At 4.30 pm we will assemble in the chapel for the concluding rite and our theme for this part of the day will be …”where flows the stream?” and “where to now Edmund?”

The day will conclude at 5.00 pm with tea/picnic. While we will have some food available you are advised to bring your own picnic. As you know, 5th May is the feast day of Blessed Edmund Rice and many events will be held here and abroad to celebrate the life and influence of Blessed Edmund. Our Family Day is one of those events and we invite you to join us in Westcourt, Callan, Co. Kilkenny on 21st May to celebrate the “Feminine in Edmund’s Life”. Many of the women who influenced Edmund’s life were family members so it is appropriate for the Edmund Rice Family to gather for this celebration and day of reflection. We invite you and your family to attend. Bring parents, spouses, partners, children, grand-children, brothers in religion, confreres and friends.

Last year’s event was a huge success and we look forward to gathering again to renew friendships and acquaintances. We have special events on the day for the children such as an Edmund Rice treasure hunt, art and a quiz. If you would like to attend please let us know by email: timirier@gmail.com or ring Dick Fields at 087-6322746

The Presentation Brothers have created the Blessed Edmund Rice Garden at Mardyke House, Cork to celebrate the women who helped in God’s plan to shape and influence Edmund, preparing him for the work that God needed him to do.

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4 thoughts on “Timirí Éamainn Rís Family Day 2016

  1. Denis, I have just read your promotion of our Family Day in Callan. It is excellent, explains our theme and programme in a lovely and professional presentation. Well done. I will download your presentation, and forward to Timirí members who have no email accounts. I will try and get everything out by the weekend. I will also talk to you during the week about others we might contact. I will talk to Joe Tynan about the hymns and music. He will take on this responsibility and take the pressure off you. If he can’t I will let you know. So preparing hymns does not have to be a priority for you. I will contact him later. I received an email from the Brothers in Wexford letting me know that they are forming a Timirí Group in Wexford and looking for some support and guidance. I will forward that on to them. I also suggested that two people from Timirí would go down to meet them and give them some guidance. I told them I would be available morning time, afternoon or evening and to let me know. I will let you know. I hope your journey home last night was ok for you and that you have started to take pressure of yourself and to slow down. After your hectic few months you need that. Once again Denis brilliant presentation. God bless. Dick Date: Wed, 4 May 2016 12:16:51 +0000 To: dfields17@hotmail.com

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    • Well done Dick. It’s great to hear the news from the Wexford Community. It’s very encouraging and I would be delighted to visit them if it’s appropriate.


    • Well said Dick and well done Denis. I agree whole-heartedly with what Dick said. So Denis do what your Superior tells you. Its never too late to start!!!!!!


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