Timirí Family Day – The Feminine in Edmund’s Life

What a wonderful afternoon of reflection, prayer and song as we pondered the women who supported, influenced and inspired Edmund in his life and mission. We gathered in the birthplace of Edmund at Westcourt, Callan in glorious sunshine while the rest of the country experienced  thunder and torrential rain and many other events had to be cancelled. The assembled families made their way in procession through the grounds to the 8 stations, each one representing a significant woman in the life of Edmund – Margaret his mother, Mary his wife and Mary his daughter, Mary the Mother of God, Joan Murphy his step sister, Teresa of Avila, Nano Nagle and Miss Power . The miracle of the day was that we had  glorious sunshine until we finished the 8th station. Then there was a huge clap of thunder followed by a torrent of rain. By this stage we had reached the safety and shelter of the chapel where we concluded our pilgrimage with a reflection on “Where to now Edmund?”

Thanks to all those who participated on the day, to those who worked so hard to make the day a success and to the Wescourt Community of Brothers for their hospitality and warm welcome.

4 thoughts on “Timirí Family Day – The Feminine in Edmund’s Life

  1. Well done on what looks to have been a great day in Callan. It is good to bring people together on pilgrimage to pray, reflect and socialise. Blessings on all.


  2. Our Family Day in Callan was a joyful occasion. Timirí once again lived up to its reputation by giving all those present, young and old, a sincere welcome and the opportunity to experience a time to reflect, pray, share and sing. Our theme on this occasion, “The Feminine in Edmund”,as we listened to the story of those women from his mother, his wife, daughter to Mary Power etc was told with sincerity, gratitude and humility. It was a little miracle that the sun shone as we gathered at Station 1 to Station 8 until we entered the Edmund Rice Chapel greeted by a loud clap of thunder for our final reflection. To all the members of the Timirí Support Team a sincere thanks for organising and presenting another wonderful day.


  3. Well done to all involved in the Timirí day in Callan. Thanks for sharing the photos of the day. I got a real sense of a well thought out and enjoyable day. And you were blessed with sunshine.


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