Voices that Challenge

The theme for this year’s National Religious Education Congress is “Voices the Challenge”.

We live in a society that is increasingly pluralistic and diverse. It is diverse in its social values, religious beliefs, political affiliations and cultural ethnicity. It is in this context that there is, in Ireland today, a robust debate about the nature of Religious Education, and in particular about its place in schools.

We hear different voices expressing a variety of opinions and concerns but, amidst this cacophony of voices, we might not always hear the insistent, still, small voices within and among us.

Which voices should we listen to? How do we find our own voice? How do we encourage others to nurture their own voice? At this year’s National Religious Education Congress we want to explore how we can create space in our lives, our schools and our communities so that different voices can be expressed, listened to and heard.


The Congress takes place in St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth on Saturday, 7th October 2017. The keynote speaker is Dr. Leonardo Franchi who will address the topic – Religious Education and Intercultural Dialogue in the Contemporary Church.

There will be a number of workshops on various topics such as:

Challenging Voices and Challenging Voices Online

Entering the Inner Sanctuary – Meditation and Mindfulness

Challenges Facing Religious Education

Dance Meditation : Dancing in Divine Rhythm

Vocare: To Find the Voice of an Assembly


The Congress fee is €65 and €30 for students.  Full details here >http://www.recongress.ie

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