On the Road to Emmaus – Praying our Questions

The Christian Brothers Spirituality Group has organised a series of Zoom meetings over the coming months.

The title of the series is ‘On the Road to Emmaus – Praying our Questions’. The meetings will be held on Monday nights from 7.00pm to 8.30pm as follows:

October 5 th: Season of Creation (incorporating a celebration of the Equinox)
November 2 nd:  All Souls Memorial of the Dead
December 7,14,21:  Advent Series

The meetings, open to Brothers and others, will consist of presentations involving prayer/reflective practices, scripture etc. followed by small group sharing. An application form for the October Zoom meeting will be issued later.

As we approach the Equinox and celebrate the Season of Creation you might find food for reflection in this prayer from Bruce Sanguin.



We tune our ears to the wisdom of Earth.

It is deep prayer, this listening to her cries,

As Spirit sighs,

Too deep for words.

Unborn generations

Call us from the future:

What did you do when the planet

Could no longer bear your foolishness

And began to break?

The growl of the grizzly –

Caught in the crosshairs

Of trophy hunters and policy makers,

Who seem to prize extinction –

Is a plea for the rights

Of all the disappearing ones.

Hear the howl of the caribou

Asking us for room enough to roam

And arsenic-free water to drink.

The cardinal’s whistle,

Once joy’s message,

Is now a haunting lament

For the dwindling chorus of songbirds.

The topsoil – living organism and not lowly dirt –

Clears its thinning, chemical-burned voice,

And speaks for the biotic kingdom

Teeming within this dark body.

Mother Ocean beckons us to return t

To Her womb,

That we might be born anew

And know our salty tears to be her own.

The willow drops her loving arms

Around our shoulders and brushes us with grace,

Whispering that it’s not too late.

It falls to us, Wisdom pupils,

To turn this dirge into a dance of the cosmos.

Let those with ears to hear, rise up.