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Considering Good Friday

What does Good Friday mean today? Why not join us in celebrating the Good Friday message through story, prayer and reflection!

Lent – A call to live life more fully

The greatest tragedy of life is not how much we suffer, but how much we miss. Humans are born asleep, live asleep and die asleep. This is what spirituality is about: waking up. Anthony de Mello   You might remember the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, a fund- raising phenomenon that went viral last year. It certainly […]
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A Way of Living the Gospel Message today

Are you searching for identity, meaning and purpose in your life? When you consider your life are you confused and confronted with emptiness and irrelevance?  In the seventeenth century, Blaise Pascal noted that, “when a man is left with nothing but himself to face, he usually falls into boredom, melancholy or despair.”  Are you looking for […]
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