Spiritual Search

Spiritual Search


Like Edmund, we find Jesus:

  • Praying and showing us how to pray: alone, in twos and threes, with the twelve…. sometimes sitting in a circle, withdrawing to a ‘place apart’.
  • Searching, struggling, to understand the Father’s will, and his own identity and mission.
  • Stretching his listeners’ understanding of the divine power, filling them with astonishment and awe, and questing for a larger, more loving, more inclusive idea of God.
  • Asking questions and being asked questions, refusing to be forced into answers, challenging pharisaic orthodoxies, using parable and paradox to challenge received views of God, neighbour and the practice of faith……. turning received thinking upside down, and provoking paradigm shifts in understanding.
  • Journeying and conversing, engaging in continuous personal encounter and conversation, dialoguing with the disciples and with people on the way…. the rich and the poor, well and sick, young and old, insiders and outsiders, privileged and rejected.

Of 132 conversations of Jesus in the New Testament, six were in the temple, four were in the synagogue and 122 were out in the mainstream of life.

For our Edmund Rice Network this means:
  • Sharing prayer and new ways of praying
  • Engaging in the search for the larger God
  • Embracing and responding to the new cosmology and its implications for our understanding of our faith
  • Sharing our search with one another, with people of different faiths and with people of no faith
  • Creating opportunities for face-to-face spiritual conversation in small groups
  • Respecting the dignity of each person , their story and journey
  • Engaging in significant experiences – immersion, pilgrimage and spiritual programmes that call us to transformation.

How can you make this pillar part of your daily life? Share your experiences with us…….


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