Celebrate You

You are worth celebrating. 
You are worth everything. 
You are unique.
In the whole world, there is only one you. 
There is only one person with: your talents your experiences your gifts.


You have immense potential
to love 
to care 
to grow 
to succeed –

if you believe in yourself

It doesn’t matter your age, or your color, or your sex, 
or whether your parents loved you or not. 
Maybe they wanted to but couldn’t.

Let that go. 
It belongs in the past. 
You belong in the NOW.’

It doesn’t matter what you have been, 
the wrong you may have done, 
the mistakes you have made, 
the people you may have hurt, 
or the people who may have hurt you.

You are OKAY!

You are accepted.

You are loved.

So, love yourself and nourish the seed within you.


Begin NOW. Start anew. 
Give yourself a new birth.
You are you and that is all you need to be. 
You are temporary. 
Here today and tomorrow is God’s. 
But today, 
today can be a new beginning, 
a new thing, 
a new life!


from Celebrate the Temporary by Clyde H. Reid, 1972


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