One thought on “Youth Activities

  1. Yesterday, in Edmund Rice House in North Richmond Street in Dublin, I spent the afternoon with Dick Fields and 13 young men and women from the Maranatha club which Dick set up. Who would name a club Maranatha except a man of great faith in the ever presence of God in our lives! A true disciple of Edmund Rice.
    The group that came together had been on Immersion in Zambia over a year ago and came together to reflect on the experience and see what, if anything, had been harvested since their return. After a short opening reflection, we spoke a little about the Christian Brothers current Crest with its new stem sprouting from the original founding vision of Edmund Rice. The young people could see that they were one such new stem of life off the Edmund Rice Network in Ireland.
    There is a lot I could say about the time we spent together but for now this short reflection will have to suffice. As the group re-read the reflection they wrote when first they returned from Zambia these key things stuck in my mind:
    People, not possessions was what were important;
    What I value now is not what I valued before I went on Immersion;
    I saw a Sister who was passionate about her work with children in the City of Joy and I asked what is it I’m passionate about.
    The only failure is not having tried.

    One of Dick’s mantra’s is: “God is good” and through Dick the young people are now quite happy to repeat: “we know God is good”
    The session ended with the young adults making concrete decisions as to what they were now going to do for the good of their own area.
    Edmund Rice’s advice: “Have courage, the good seed will grow in the young people’s lives later on” was confirmed for me yesterday.
    Well Done Mr. Fields. Well done Maranatha.


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