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We are about what Edmund was about which was his understanding of the mind and heart of Jesus, and we centre on three strands of Edmund’s story grounded in Jesus’ life and ministry…..

In May 2013 Edmund Rice Network Leadership Group launched their vision  for the Future . After many months of deep reflection and prayer they invite all those groups and individuals who identify with, share in, or are in intentional relationship with the charism of Edmund Rice, to reflect on and live out the three pillars of the vision in their daily lives. The three pillars can be summed up as our:




These pillars are integral to any expression of the Edmund Rice movement and to a new emerging church.

A community, ministry,trust, school or local group, is an authentic expression of the Edmund Rice charism when it commits to, and actively engages with these three elements in the name of Edmund and in the name of Jesus.

How do we engage with these three elements?

Spiritual Search
  • Sharing prayer and new ways of praying
  • Engaging in the search for the larger God
  • Embracing and responding to the new cosmology and its implications for our understanding of our faith
  • Sharing our search with one another, with people of different faiths and with people of no faith
  • Creating opportunities for face-to-face spiritual conversation in small groups
  • Respecting the dignity of each person , their story and journey
  • Engaging in significant experiences – immersion, pilgrimage and spiritual programmes that call us to transformation.

How can you make this pillar part of your daily life? Share your experiences with us…….


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2 thoughts on “Edmund Rice Network

  • Today I was in contact with Padraig O Fainin, former Principal of Joey’s Fairview Primary school, Dublin and was delighted to hear Padraig’s positive feedback about his work in Kabwe, Zambia. I hope Padraig shares the good news with us through this new blog. Anyone following Facebook will be able to access Project Zambia, which is an initiative of Aidan Donaldson, a member of the staff of St. Mary’s Grammar School Belfast. Again Aidan and his fellow volunteers are doing great work in the name of Edmund Rice in another part of Zambia. Roisin Maguire, Head Teacher in St. Joseph’s Stoke-on-Trent, has great plans for Sierra Leone. The “Catch a Dream” project is well advanced but because of the outbreak of Ebola in that area of Africa has been put on hold for this year. In the true spirit of Blessed Edmund, Stoke is actively seeking another location for its involvement in the coming year. Congratulations go one and all.


    • Martin it would be wonderful to hear from Padraig, Aidan and Roisin about the great work they’ve being doing. Others in the network would welcome their input and it could be an inspiration to all of us.


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