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The next Timirí meeting of the O’ Connell School’s group will be held in Edmund Rice House on Wednesday, 24th September at 7.30 pm. Currently there are Timirí groups in Kells, Whitehall, St. Joseph’s Marino, Edmund Rice House (North Richmond Street), Wescourt (Callan) and the Timirí Support Group meet in the Province Centre, Marino.Timirí meetings are held on a monthly basis and are centred around prayer, reflection and discussion. Groups generally consist of six to ten members. The group is led by a facilitator (on a rota basis) and each member is given the opportunity to share their thoughts, reflection and prayers. The monthly reflection is usually based on Holy Scripture or is inspired by other texts that reflect the challenges and insights of modern living. Each meeting lasts an hour and usually ends with a social event. Groups are sometimes involved in COMPASSIONATE ACTION by supporting local and other worth causes.

If you would like to be part of Timirí you could join an existing group near you. If there’s no group near you, you might consider forming one yourself. We can give you support in this. For support please contact Dick Fields by email – dfields17@hotmail.com

2 thoughts on “Timirí Groups

  • Congrats to Paddy Gravin and community in Callan. They are a wonderful encouragement to all of us to be open to life and to growth. Thanks to Denis for the great website.


  • Thanks Denis for explaining to our viewers what happens at a Timirí Éamainn Rís-Messengers of Edmund Rice meeting. On the 24th of September our group are meeting in Edmund Rice House, North Richmond St, Dublin 1, beside O’Connell’s Schools at 7 30 pm. Those who attend spend the time in reflection, prayer and sharing, This monthly get together supports and encourages us in our daily lives and in the many encounters we meet. After our reflection we spend some time socialising over a cuppa and biscuit. If you would like to join us on the 24th in Edmund Rice House you will be very welcome. Please let me know in advance. If you would be interested in forming your own group you are welcome to contact me at my email address at dfields17@hotmail.com .


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