A Vision for our Future – Authentic Community

What life have you if you have not life together? – T. S. Eliot


Like Edmund, we find Jesus in:

  • Creating community, a koinonia of fellowship, joint participation and brotherly love, which reaches its fullness in the breaking and sharing of bread
  • Sharing, celebrating, praying together, engaging in face-to-face spiritual conversation
  • Subverting conventional concepts of community to welcome and include the marginalised and rejected
  • Working with others to advance the kingdom of God, the reign of love and justice, on earth
  • Asking and answering the question, What does it mean to be brother or sister?
  • Inspiring the apostles, to live as gospel communities sharing fellowship, prayer, and eucharist while reaching out in action for those in need (Acts 2.42)


For our Edmund Rice Network this means:

  • Growing forms of associational life, new ways of being church, ‘little Gospel communities of the heart’, as contexts for sharing spiritual conversation and personal truth…. opportunities for exploring beliefs, values and meanings, with reverence and loving attention for what is shared, without fear or judgement, ridicule or recrimination
  • Journeying in the company of friends…. firmly rooted in the human condition, embracing our fragility, sharing our humanity and connectedness, and willing to be changed by what we discover together
  • Exploring the new consciousness and living out our interconnection with one another, the earth and all creation
  • Inviting one another into new ways of being together, more radical lifestyles which are counter-cultural
  • Challenging one another to grow and transform, offering opportunities to live in community on a short or long term basis
  • Engaging with the international Edmund Rice community, being one with communities across the globe


  – Edmund Rice Network Leadership Group