Camara Education’s Web Summit #PledgeIT Campaign

Camara have been selected to speak at this week’s Web Summit, where CEO John Fitzsimons will ask businesses and individuals to pledge their IT equipment to educate 500,000 disadvantaged children in Africa.

Speaking about the #PledgeIT drive, Fitzsimons said, “We want to get pledges for enough equipment to educate 500,000 children, which is almost 24,000 computers. These computers WILL be in schools within six months, delivering better education to children in disadvantaged areas, and giving them a fair chance in life. Education is recognised as one of the primary factors in breaking the cycle of poverty. As Nelson Mandela said in 2003, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.””

You can pledge your unwanted IT equipment by using the #PledgeIT hashtag on Twitter, by posting to their Facebook page or by visiting the dedicated donor page on their website –

If any of our friends or followers have unwanted IT equipment they might respond to this appeal.