Ebola Update – Edmund Rice Development

When Ebola takes away the ability to touch, you have to reinvent the language of compassion’

– Jina Moore



‘When Ebola takes away the ability to touch, you have to reinvent the language of compassion’

– Jina Moore, a journalist currently based in Liberia, West Africa.

The current situation continues to be of high concern. It has however recently been reported by the World Health Organisation that cases of people contacting the virus  seem to be stabilising in Liberia – this is first positive sign of an improvement in the fight against this disease.  Most recent figures estimate the total numbers of deaths as 4,950 and with over 13,000 cases confirmed across eight countries.

In September, Edmund Rice Development launched the West Africa Ebola Relief Fund as a response to the outbreak of Ebola that was steadily and dangerously increasing in West Africa. The response to the call was heart-warming and so far over €55,000 has been raised. This support, along with the abundant prayers and thoughts that have also been offered for the people and for our West African Brothers reflects the compassion and empathy within the Edmund Rice Network for those that are suffering. Funds raised by the West Africa Ebola Relief Fund will provide much needed support both now and into the future for those affected.

So far, support from donors to the Relief Fund and from Irish development agency, Misean Cara, has allowed our West African Brothers to provide cartons of hand sanitisers, cartons of clinical gloves and information posters and booklets. They have organised training for the Hamilton community in Sierra Leone to train young people on how to handle Ebola cases, and also on how to prevent its spread. Brothers have also been able to provide eight boxes of Ebola preventive materials to the Njala University Hospital in Sierra Leone, to help the local community in the fight against the disease. Brothers also parcelled and distributed small food parcels (two bags of rice and cooking items) among the old and needy people who are facing hunger, due to restriction of movement and reduction in family support as a result of the Ebola virus.

The aftermath of this epidemic will be felt long into the future and the people of West Africa will continue to need our prayers and our support to help them heal.

 – Edmund Rice Development