Edmund Rice Development Donor Impact Report 2013

As poverty and human rights injustices continue to beset countless people across some of the world’s poorest countries, Edmund Rice Development and Edmund Rice Bicentennial Trust remain committed to our joint mission to empower the poor and vulnerable to transform their own lives. In 2013, we supported 60 development projects and schools across Africa, India, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. By supporting these Edmund Rice projects and schools we are seeking to empower the poor and vulnerable to transform their own lives through education, health, advocacy and income-generated programmes.

The Congregation of Christian Brothers recently adopted the new Our Way into the Future  vision which seeks to focus the energy of the whole Congregation to work with the poor of the developing world in a new way. It will involve the adoption of a community development approach, promoting human development by enabling communities to find sustainable solutions to their own problems. As the recent Chapter recorded: “Our Way into the Future brings hope, direction and a means of transformation as we desire a new and radical way of being a Brother for the world.”

In 2013, Edmund Rice Development and Edmund Rice Bicentennial Trust joined with Brothers and Edmund Rice people and organisations around the world to commit to the implementation of this new vision. We were delighted to have been in a position to support the start-up phase of the project in 2013 through our co-funding of the selection and training of the Transition Support Team. We wish this new team every good fortune and blessing as they embark on this important project.

In order to be in a position to fully support Our Way into the Future, in 2013 the directors and senior management of Edmund Rice Development and Edmund Rice Bicentennial Trust defined a new three year Business Plan for the 2014-16 period. The Plan represented a significant shift in focus for Edmund Rice Development and Edmund Rice Bicentennial Trust as we sought to align our activities with the Congregation’s overall vision and new ways of working in the developing world. In this way, we aim to maximise the impact of all donor funds for the benefit of those in greatest need.

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Edmund Rice Development and Edmund Rice Bicentennial Trust Donor Impact Report 2013 has been compiled to convey the full impact of the support of our donors, volunteers and funders in 2013.

It features a selection of profiles of schools and informal education projects, health, income-generation, advocacy and human rights programmes and training and spirituality initiatives. These profile projects are representative of the many that supporters enabled Edmund Rice Development to help in 2013, each project working to empower the poor and vulnerable to create a better future for themselves.

The report also has a selection of stories of the various fundraising and other initiatives that took place throughout the Edmund Rice network in 2013 in support of the projects. It is as a result of the ongoing generosity of donors, funding partners and volunteers that Edmund Rice Development was able to support 60 individual projects in 2013.

You can read the report by visiting Edmund Rice Development website www.edmundricedevelopment.org 

Hard copies are available by contacting Edmund Rice Development at 01 819 6782 or email: office@edmundricedevelopment.org

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