Blessed Edmund Rice – His Life and Times

CLICK TO PLAY AUDIO / Music by Peter Cole/Slides and Story by Malachy Gillen

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3 thoughts on “Blessed Edmund Rice – His Life and Times

    • Thanks Martin. I decided to start with something simple to give all readers of the blog the basics of Edmund’s life. I’m reading the material you sent me. It’s very detailed so I thinking of presenting the themes in a serier of slideshow to make the material more accessible. Ceard e do thuairim?


      • I think that’s a very good idea Denis. Making the material accessible is the real challenge. The material itself is good because some of it is from Johnny Carroll RIP and he had a terrific insight into Edmund. Slides could be the way to make it accessible for some at least. Once we’re taking steps, however small, is important. The site is established now and people are beginning to recognise that it’s updated daily. It’s a
        bout the only one of our related sites that we can say that about. Well done.


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