“Be Still and Know That I am God” – Talks by Michael Heffernan cfc

This is a series of talks by  Br. Michael Heffernan cfc.


                   19 February, 2015.    Theme:  Forgiveness       7.30 – 9.00 pm

                                   Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive

                                      those who trespass against us   Our Father.


                   26 February, 2015.    Theme:  Gratitude       7.30 – 9.00 pm

                                    For happiness is not what makes us grateful

                                      it is gratefulness that makes us happy  David Steindl Rast


These sessions will provide an opportunity for stillness, reflection and prayer

 on the themes of forgiveness and gratitude.   Some of the beneficial aspects

of stillness will also be explored.

10 per session



aylward centre                        All sessions will be held in the Margaret Alyward Centre for Faith and Dialogue

     situated in  Holy Faith Convent and School Grounds in Glasnevin, near the Bon Secour Hospital and opposite Irish Meteorological Service, Glasnevin.  There is adequate parking at the Centre.   

                                    Web:    www.margaretaylwardcentre.ie        

                                    Email: mcfdglasnevin@gmail.com                  

                                    Phone: 01 7979364 / 087 664 9862