How YOUR actions help save lives

Br. Lawrence Colaco, is based in a remote village in a mission run by the Christian Brothers and the Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians. The Ane Moriam mission began over 15 years ago in an largely inaccessible rural area in the Arunchal Pradesh region in India. The mission consists of a school, community health services and socio-economic development programmes. The mission is a 20 hour drive from the closest airport and 10 hours away from the nearest large township.

In 2013, the Ane Moriam mission was able to purchase a new utility vehicle for use in the community from donations received by Edmund Rice Development. Here Br. Colaco describes the huge difference this can make to a person’s life:

A mother of one of our students, Mrs Hiba Doke, (aged 35) was reported seriously ill and was brought to the local dispensary. The woman was diagnosed with typhoid and had symptoms of high fever, extreme diarrhoea and was extremely weak to the extent that she was carried on a locally made bamboo stretcher to the Ane Moriam Dispensary. The sister in charge of the dispensary suggested that she immediately be rushed to a hospital. The local public transport had left the town at 6 in the morning and as a result the only other hope to immediately get her to the closest hospital 12 hours away was by the utility vehicle of the Ane Moriam Mission. We departed with the patient at 10 in the morning and reached the hospital at 8 at night. Her timely arrival at the hospital ensured that she was given the necessary required treatment which saved her life. Today, after 5 months of the incident, we observe her carrying out her daily routine work of going to the fields to support her family.’

This is just one of many stories which highlights how people’s kindness and generosity can be the key to saving a life.


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  • A truly heart-warming story from Br. Lawrence and the Sisters from the mission in India. The prophetic words of Blessed Edmund resonate powerfully throughout – “Were we to know the merit and value of only going from one street to another to serve a neighbour for the love of God, we should prize it more than silver and gold.”


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