On being part of the Edmund Rice Family, Bangalore

 Indeed, it was quite by chance that I had come to be part of the ER family here in Bangalore. A very good friend of the family, Marguerite, visited my home one day in August and kindly explained the whole story of Edmund Rice vividly to me and quietly asked me whether I would join the group at their next meeting. She also left a little booklet on Edmund Rice and after reading it I was intrigued that ER had a vision and mission much the same as Don Bosco, the saint I also greatly admire. Well, I did make it to that meeting way back in August 2014, which began with Mass in the NBCLC Chapel, followed by a session by Br. Joe Johnson, who had led us through the Formation Session and had also elaborated on the 7 Chapter Calls. I was understandably intrigued and touched by the entire Session, which fully convinced me that I had indeed joined the right family group to enhance my belief in our Saviour and as His disciple, to dedicate myself to the vision and mission of Edmund Rice, in genuinely caring for others, with compassion and fortitude.

I have been warmly welcomed by the ERF, Bangalore and thank each one in the group for their kindness and support in making me feel special to be in their midst. And just recently, when we held elections to establish our new Leadership Team, I was voted to be Secretary and was honoured to accept. Being a member of this beautiful Edmund Rice Family, I hope and pray, as time goes by, to be able to reach out to those, most in need of our compassion, support and encouragement. And with the wonderful team, we have at hand… hope to achieve all that we aspire to do for HIS people…and encourage more people to join us in our endeavours to lift the down-trodden, support the weak and helpless, educate the underprivileged, help sustain the unemployed, pray for the lost and bring greater glory to Him, our Lord… Amen.

 Jenny Saldanha – Edmund Rice Family, Bangalore