Edmund Rice Network South Africa’s Social Justice & Advocacy Desk – Eco Month

From  the 13th April to the 13th May 2015, the SJ&AD will be hosting Eco-Month, in which the following weeks will be dedicated to Eco-Justice within our Edmund Rice Network. Join us as we work towards creating a better future for all of humankind, by first learning to protect and cherish our beautiful planet that sustains us!

The designated weeks between April and May have all been allocated a voluntary activity which all ERN groups and schools are invited to take part in. These activities include the following:

  1. Putting together an eco-presentation on one of the following topics:
  2. Fracking in the Karoo
  3. The Energy Crisis in South Africa
  4. Global Warming
  5. A beach or community clean-up
  6. An advocacy letter writing campaign
  7. A challenge to come up with a fun activity or campaign to engage community members in how to protect the planet.

This campaign will be open to anyone who wishes to engage with it, and the group/school who comes up with the most creative activities stand a chance to win The SJ&AD’s Award of Excellence in Eco-Justice.

For more information on this campaign, please email us to receive your free information pack (Jessica@ernsa.org).