Cork Life Centre hosts “Edmund Rice Week” Conference

Inspired by the charism of  Blessed Edmund Rice and to mark his feast day Cork Life Centre has organised a very imaginative and inspiring conference from 5th to 8th May. The issues discussed and debated will be Juvenile Justice, the work of Pieta House and the Hope Foundation’s work in Kolcata, India. There will also be the Launch of ‘Know Your Rights’ a publication on children’s rights that is accessible to young people. Br. Paul Hendricks, who is co-founder of the Life Centres in Ireland, will speak about ‘What the Cork Life Centre means to me.’

Laura Crowley, Education Director of Autism Charity Shine, will speak about Aspergers; how it affects young people and their families; advice and guidance on how to best support young people with Aspergers educationally, socially and personally. There will also be  a talk by Eamon Keane (Journalist, Author, Psychotherapist) representing Suicide Aware. There is a great line up of guests speakers including Catherine Mc Guinness, former Chief Justice and children’s rights advocate.

catherine Mc Guinnesseamon keane

The full details of the conference can be downloaded here < ER Week Cork Life Centre>

Cork Life Centre is a voluntary organisation offering an alternative learning environment to marginalised young people. The Centre and its staff offer students 1:1 tuition in Junior and Leaving Cert subjects and support them in their preparation for these State Exams. The approach to education is a holistic one. The value is on the social education of young people as much as on the academic. The Centre provides students and teachers with:

– An open and friendly environment.

– Positive trusting relationships with peers and staff.

– Continuous support with issues and challenges a student might face during work.  With  the support of the Centre many young 12-18 year old early school leavers have achieved formal school certification. The success of the project is the mix of nurturance, individual programmes, educational certification, stimulation, fun, hard work, mutual respect and expectations.