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Greetings from Cochabamba the city of eternal springtime! The rains seem to have passed and we bask for long hours under sun soaked skies. Dermot returned from vacation in March so now the community is complete. The commu­nity was delighted to host the immersion group from Iona College, New York. We were very animated by the manner in which they joined in community activities and the enthusiasm in which they participated in ministry at the Centro Hermano Manolo and at a home for adolescents under the care of the sisters of Di-vino Salvador.

We were privileged and honored by the visit of Brothers Julian McDonald and Richard Walsh of the CLT. Their presence did much to encourage both staff and children of the CeHM. Presently, Emily Masters a staff-mem­ber at the Social Justice and Advocacy Desk of the Edmund Rice Network in Capetown, South Africa is working with us.

Cochabamba community

Responsibility in home and neighbourhood was the theme of the first workshop for parents. Further meetings ensued and they served to strengthen the bond between parents, children and educational staff of the CeHM. Volun­teers and staff also recommitted them­selves to the welfare of the children. The protection of children under our care was the subject of a day`s seminar.

Martin Berndorfer, external supervisor to CeHM and president of the Yanapanakuna network of ministries to children, facilitated a workshop for the staff. We focused on our individual roles as part of our commit­ment to team ministry. RUN- Religious in the United Nations organized a workshop on how Codigo 2026 affects adolescent and child workers in Bolivia.

Nancy Tames, a member of the inter­national office for the defense of children was the principal speaker. It was an opportunity for us to refresh and reinterpret our understanding of the law in relation to work, education and children. Leadership, Care of the Planet and a celebra­tion of El Dia del Niño were other themes to which time was devoted.` El Grupo Focal` is an initiative geared to the participation of over 15s in order to help them focus on a career choice. This group meets fortnightly.

Conscious of the need for collaborative mi­nistry in response to the call of Nairobi Eduardo and Dermot are actively involved in discussions and meetings rela­tive to the celebration of the Year of consecrated Life. The papal visit to Bolivia will take place between JULY 8TH-10th. The cities of La Paz and Santa Cruz will be the venues for his encounters with the people. We joyfully wait in antici­pation.


Activities in the community of Cochabamba and Brother Manolo Centre, a project run by brothers and volunteers



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  • Delighted to read the report from CeHM in Cochabamba. The TY students from Midleton CBS (Secondary)have linked-up with the CeHM project and confundraise for them is part of their Edmund Rice Outreach Project in association with Edmund Rice Development- ERD. Blarney St. CBS Primary are also linking in to the Midleton CBS initiative. All contributions welcome.


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