A Gift Moment

Smile at the gift of
humility, simplicity,
frankness and grounding.


I am a volunteer in St. Ultan’s Primary School, Cherry Orchard. The Aftercare Unit in St. Ultan’s has a Homework/Activity Club at which I help out occasionally.

One evening in March 2015, I was on my way up to the Life-Centre for the Thursday women’s group session. There were 3 young boys standing at a corner, one had his bike with him. As I passed them by, one boy says out loud to the others:

“He works in St. Ultan’s Club, it’s a shite club”!!

I walked on, smiled and chuckled to myself.

So I invite you, the reader to smile; Smile at the honesty, the recognition.

Smile at the elevation and at the deflation.

Smile at the assumptions and lack of knowledge.

Smile at the gift – of humility, simplicity, frankness and grounding.

Appreciate the gift of a moment, of this moment.

Reaction on another occasion would be about self-protection, defence of my ego, a rush to defend my good name, about assuming a lack of appreciation of my generous efforts, wallowing in imaginary assault and personal hurt and of course, being disturbed by use of foul language!

Reaction on this occasion is about openness, appreciation, laughter, joy and admiration.

Thanks to those lads, (whom I don’t know), for that moment, for that second

when information, feelings, opinion and reaction were freely and boldly expressed.

Thanks to those lads for unknowingly exploring the power and the poetry of language.

Thanks to those lads for instantly awakening me and taking me out of my comfort zone in a humorous way.

… and maybe some days, it feels like a ‘shite club’ and sometimes, I’m probably ‘shite’ at it!!!

…but the Club keeps going, trying, helping and supporting … and the children keep returning, playing, studying, sharing, and adult support workers keep praising, encouraging and caring.

Gift moments come to us on many occasions. Some gift moments arrive unexpectedly and shake us up. Some are missed out totally by us in the busyness of our day. Many of them are small gestures, random encounters, surprise embraces, warm, comforting words and simple acts of kindness. When we are open, receptive and alert to gift moments in our lives, our mood, our outlook and our nature are enriched and nourished. And because of this nourishment, we can go on for another day, renew intentions and dream of possibilities.

Smile at the gift of
humility, simplicity,
frankness and grounding.


There was another gift moment offered in MarcConfirmationh by children from St. Ultan’s School. It was during the Confirmation Retreat when 6th Class pupils composed their own responses to the question; “What is God’s Word to us as we prepare to make Confirmation?”

This confirmation reflection was offered freely, genuinely and honestly just like the three boys above at the corner!


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"A GIFT MOMENT" - Courtesy of Sean Beckett