Enke Trailblazer Programme

In conjunction with the Catholic Schools Office, the Social Justice and Advocacy Desk, South Africa, has been promoting the Enke Trailblazer Programme amongst Catholic High Schools in the Western Cape. Enke is an NGO that is in support of young people making social change in their community. The Trailblazer Programme is a nine month programme in which the candidates receive skill training over a five day camp, and have the remaining time to come up with and conduct their own community action plan.

Grade 10 and Grade 11 learners were given the opportunity to partake in the Enke Traliblazer Programme, which aims to connect learners from different schools, equip them with the necessary skills required to address social justice issues, and inspire them to conduct a community action plan that will address a social justice issue in their community.

A meeting was held this month with the eleven selected candidates so that feedback from the camp could be received and a way forward for their proposed community action plan could be discussed. The candidates spoke positively about the experience and felt that they had learnt a lot about themselves and about the social injustices prevalent in their communities. Each candidate had come up with their own community action plan, some of which aimed to address the issues of poverty, children on the streets, gangsterism and litter. The Desk has offered their guidance and support for this venture, and will be assisting learners in putting their community plan into action.

Courtesy of the Social Justice & Advocacy Desk, South Africa