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As already reported, two of the Social Justice & Advocacy Desk’s In-Reach Students have been involved in forming a drama group within their community of Khayelitsha. The purpose of this group is to continually take multiple youth off the streets of the township of Khayelitsha in order to keep them occupied, encourage them to remain in school, as well as keep them away from gangs who often force youth to join their ranks. Over the years the drama group has served as a great support for the youth who have encouraged and supported each other to work hard in school in order to find employment and contribute towards their communities.

After the Desk’s In-Reach students approached us in fear that their friends were leaving the group to head back to the streets, we worked together with our students in order to offer an exciting In-Reach session that would re-inspire them to remain in the drama group with friends who would support them in working towards their futures.

This month multiple youth from the township of Khayelitsha attended this session based on drama training. Drama graduate from The University of Cape Town, Bontle Mafojane, taught youth about using drama to express ones feelings in a productive way that would in turn assist them in processing difficult situations in life. Participants were highly entertained as they were taught daily warm-ups and exercises that would assist them in perfecting their craft. They were also able to perform and workshop a piece they had written with Bontle and her team.


The participants then performed a phenomenal drama piece which they wrote and workshopped on the day. The play was the story of a poverty stricken family from their township whose only son and breadwinner was murdered while out at the shops with his sister. The play highlighted the loss experienced by the family, the blame placed on the daughter by her father as a result, the guilt experienced by the daughter and the life in prison the perpetrator would now have to face and how this would impact his own family. The play left observers in an array of shock, silence and tears as they witnessed the truly phenomenal perforce that highlighted the importance of family, love and forgiveness. Students were then excited to receive a meal sponsored by the Khaya ERNSA York Road Community who supported them throughout the day. At the end of the day the group was congratulated on their wonderful talent, and invited to perform again at our upcoming Justice Evening on the 7th October. This news was received with great joy as the youth excitedly looked forward to their upcoming performance.

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