Samhain, Autumn – The Harvest of our Lives

Timiri will hold its annual gathering on Saturday, 16th November, in Emmaus Retreat and Conference Centre, Lissenhall, Swords, Co. Dublin.
The theme for the day is “Samhain, Autumn – The Harvest of our Lives”.
Registration and welcome cuppa will be at 2pm and the ritual will begin at 2.30pm. The day will conclude with a meal at about 5.30pm.
We would be delighted to see you there and feel free to invite any friends along. Booking is essential so that meals can be organised. Please contact Dick Fields at or 0876322746 if you wish to book a place. The cost of the day is €30.

Autumn of our Lives

A brief moment of beauty, fulfilment and acceptance;

a time when effort and work are reduced, mulled over

and remembered with gladness and joy.

Autumn, the autumn of our years, comes slowly, calmly

and acceptance reduces the hurt.

Gradually the winds and chill of life weaken us

and reduce the strength of limb

but not of mind or spirit.

The spirit remembers the springtime of energy,

of new ideas and of inspiration. 

The spirit remembers the earlier years,

the years of creativity and enthusiasm

and the spirit holds those years.

They are not lost.