Recipe for Wellbeing


  • A sprinkling of social connections
  • A dash of gratitude
  • A generous helping of flow
  • A cup of emotion
  • A splash of mindfulness
  • A helping of positivity
  • A stress reduction
  • A spoonful of self acceptance
  • Goals to taste
  • A pinch of meaning


  1. Reach out – make high quality social connections
  2. Every day write 3 things for which you are grateful. Identify why you are grateful
  3. Get into flow – identify what your strengths are and do more activities using those strengths
  4. Practise positive communication – it takes 3 positive experiences for every 1 negative experience to flourish.
  5. Practise mindfulness – stay focused in the here and now. Pay attention to the present moment by using focus, breathing or meditation.
  6. Learn to recognise negative thinking and nip it in the bud.
  7. Manage stress – we can only be responsible for whatever we can change ourselves. Discarding the “shoulds” and the “musts” from our lives can remove a great deal of stress.
  8. Learn acceptance – be your own best friend. Be kind to yourself when things go wrong. This increases your enjoyment of life and your resilience.
  9. Set goals – we all need goals to motivate us and these need to be challenging yet also achievable.
  10. Find meaning in your life – people who have purpose in their lives are happier and get more out of what they do. Become connected to something bigger than yourself.

NOW PUT ALL THE INGREDIENTS IN A POT. SIMMER FOR 40 DAYS OVER A LOW HEAT (remember that it takes 40 days of continual activity to form a habit).


– ICEP Europe