New Horizons for the Edmund Rice Network in Latin America

A few months ago we participated in the first meeting in our South American region of Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders.

I arrived in Montevideo with many expectations, eager to partake in the network, but without many certainties, because I did not know many of the participants of the meeting.

It was very gratifying to get to know the people involved in five educational institutions in Latin America and share with each other the reality of our situations. I could see that, although we have very different situations, we are all share the same spirit. The presence of Wayne Tinsey, President of world EREBB, and Brother Hugo Cáceres helped and inspired these first steps we have taken together in our continent.


Edmund Rice network L_A

When the meeting ended, we had many new ideas and projects to continue to enrich us. I made new friends and colleagues, marked by the charism of Edmund, with hopes to dream together and to continue to share our faith and our vision of education. This filled me with joy, energy and enthusiasm as we look towards new horizons for the network in Latin America.

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